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This is study of 1200 pregnant patients who underwent a combinational therapy of Ayurveda and bach flower therapy as well as a naturopathy diet in the 6th month of pregnancy for getting a fair baby. The study was conducted in 2 hospitals over a period of 5 years and out of the 1200 patients 1169 delivered babies of fair complexion thus giving a result of 97 %.

This is study of 1200 pregnant patients who underwent a combinational therapy of Ayurveda and bach flower therapy as well as a naturopathy diet in the 6th month of pregnancy for getting a fair baby. The study was conducted in 2 hospitals over a period of 5 years and out of the 1200 patients 1169 delivered babies of fair complexion thus giving a result of 97 %.



This is an ancient Indian science found by CHARAK which comprises of a basic medical science dealing in preventive as well as therapeutic medicines. Ayurveda believes in balancing the natural forces of human body to heal. This science has now got global reorganization and the Grand volumes of CHARAKSAMHITA have reprints in all languages in the world.


Bach flower essences form a part of alternative medicine. Although the system was founded in 1930 by Dr. Edward Bach, an English Bacteriologist and homeopathic physician, it remained an obscure tributary of Homeopathy till the recent interest in it. Its popularity is growing world over, with annual publications and conferences on this specialty.

They comprise a therapeutic system that uses dilutions of flower essences to balance the physical disturbances. In the world of flowers Dr. Bach found resonance of the conditions he found in his patients.


We have been thought since our childhood that Beauty is only skin deep, human nature is more important than human face, qualities are more impact full than looks; so on and so on forth. We don’t say that all this is false, but times are changing, we need to grow, we need to evolve and accept certain very basic truths about our existence. We can’t turn a blind eye and a deaf year towards the changing trends of society and if we do not keep pace with them we fear extinction, we shall become a part of forgotten history. The point to be stressed here is the importance of good looks, good projection good personality in today’s world. First impression is the last impression, whether you like this or not, it is the truth that you have to face. Looks are definitely not everything, we never say this, but looks definitely gives a person a HEAD START!

How many times have we seen that in a family of several sisters, the best looking one has never a problem finding a ‘ good ‘ groom, whereas the ordinarily ones have a hard time settling down most of the time. How many times we have we seen that the front desk jobs are always given to the most charming people ( manners, clothing does matter ,but they are just added jewels to the basic quality of looks a), Interviews more often are just formalities to ‘ select’ the ‘ best’ candidates ! This might not be happening at the highest level executive jobs (which is very minor proportion of the concerned population anyway), but even there looks might strike the final score when all other parameters are equivocal. Today entertainment and media only thrive on looks! Except for the ‘behind the camera’ jobs, intelligence takes a back seat. In a Group photo, who catches your attention (except your own pic!)? Let us face it, your eyes look immediately at the best looking guy or gal!! It is reflex action – because as Churchill put it a century back – A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER!

Having talked about beauty so much and having convinced the reader (hopefully) that looks MATTER, let us see how complexion plays the most important part.’ Tall , Dark and Handsome’ & ‘that dusky rural lady’ were phrase used In Mills and Boons referring to the tanned appeal of the extremely glowless, freckled, lack luster fairness of the ‘GORA’ community. Whether we accept it or not, In India and in a lot of countries, it is FAIR, FAIR and always FAIR, in the past, present and future. When a child is born, the first question asked is is the baby fair? When the groom gets an inquiry regarding the girl, the parents ask, IS SHE FAIR? If we see the matrimonial columns of the Indian newspapers, the most frequently used word is FAIR rather than pretty, pleasant, smart, intelligent, well placed, cultured or good natured. Why so, once again, let us face it, let’s not fight the time tested truth that is here to stay till we stay — FAIR IS ACCEPTABLE rest is compromise. Millions are spent by people for ‘fairness treatment’ or so called ‘fairness products ‘by national and international companies. (Results?? God only knows!!
Looking at all the above, would not be able to work on PREVENTION is BETTER THAN CURE. If we have a modality, whereas we can do something in pregnancy to see that the child is born with a fair complexion and thus with a HEAD START, Would not that be the most perfect solution? Definitely yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, FAIR BABY FORUM is an endeavor by an Indian Gyneac to incorporate and assimilate the knowledge of the naturopathy,ayurveda, homeopathy and bach flower remedy to give you a READY MADE SOLUTION to the societal problem of cosmecity — A FAIR BABY !

We should make is very clear ,that this is not to anyway project that FAIR is better than DARK, But to cater to the need that society has already since time memorial created in the sub conscious of human civilization. It is our organization’s privilege to give naturally something that the society needs rather than being exploited at the hands of Persons or products which promise to make a dark person fair even if the marginal results are temporary.


There are three prakrutis (Vat, Pitta, Kapha) sapta dhatu (Ras, Rakta, Mouns, Med, Asthi, Majja, Shukra) and panch maha bhuta that is five vital elements according to Indian philosophy of material world that is ( Aakash, Vayu, Agni, Jal, Prithvi ) which correspond to pancha vishaya that is shabda, sparsha, roop, ras, gandha. (Five special senses)
There are six rasas Madhur, Amla, Lavarna, Katu, Tikta, Kashaya that means all dietary elements and drugs have these rasas which are necessary for healthy metabolism of human body.

1. Pitta theory: – There is a specific type of Pitta called Bhrajak Pitta which is responsible for beauty and luster of skin. Few contents of our medicine increase the level of Bhrajak Pitta

2. Dhatu theory: – According to Charak Chiitsa Sthanam -18 few drugs have rasayan gunah that is responsible for glow of face Bhav Prakash Purva Khand -356 the development of body of intrauterine foetus is affected by ras dhatu out of seven dhatus. The Skin the Vitality the look and the Aura are manifestation of Ras dhatu now the few contents of our medicine increase Ras dhatu.

3. Agni Mahabhut Theory :- the dominance of Agni Mahabhut out of panch maha bhut may affect the beauty of skin and face, the hairs and the eyes too -Bhavpraksh Purv Khand -113.

4. Ras Theory: – Ahar ras (Diet) Dietary Precaution in pregnancy changes complexion of skin definitely by “Aahar Varna Dosha” concept by Sushrut Sharirsthan -2/34.

5. Combined theory: – Maternal and Paternal Genes play role in formation of skin complexion and color of fetus with other factors like Dietary Precautions, Cloths and Dressing, Cold environment, Metabolism -Vrudha Vagbhatt.


(Phenotype and genotype characteristics by Ayurveda)
25-Pancha Mahabhoota
(Basic vital elements of nature representing functions of human body by Ayurveda )
36-Aahar Rasa
(Basic dietary supplements by Ayurveda)
47-Sapta Dhatu
(Basic Vital elements of human body by Ayurveda)

So ultimately there are specific mechanisms like,
(1) Pitta Prakruti
(2) Agni Mahabhoota
(3) Madhu Rasa
(4) Rasa Dhatu


The system of bach flower remedy was founded in 1930 by Dr. Edward Bach from England.Dr Bach used herbs that contain genuine healing powers , using the essences in which all the essential energies of the plants get concentrated There is an esoteric relationship between man and flower , which symbolizes beauty and development of human faculties. Thus bach flower remedies form a part of alternative medicine by using dilutions of flower essences… Crab apple also called generically as ‘Malus sylvestris’ which is a part of our protocol is prepared by boiling a cluster of flowers and leaves of the above plant. The mechanism of action is through its acting as a cleansing agent for the skin and purification… The body responds with efforts to purity and brings about a beauty. Thus given in pregnancy for a month in the 5 Th or 6 Th months brings about a flawless complexion of the developing baby…


The method of treatment was as follows… The treatment started at 5 -6 months of gestation period. The ayurveda protocol had a primary diet to be followed, certain ways of dressing (dark clothing deletion), limitation of sun exposure and supplements. The supplements consisted of two parts- the first was a paste comprising of shatavari, yasha madhu, ashoka, lodhra, amla, nagsekar, gokshur, variyali, taj and saffron to be taken after dissolving in water/ milk twice a day and a tablet containing sariva to be taken once at bedtime. The protocol continued for a month
The bach flower therapy protocol also was started at 5-6 months gestation period for a month. It consists of wild flower extract called CRAB APPLE. The dose was 5 pills in the morning before food.
The patient treated at all maternity hospitals were carefully instructed to follow the protocol for a month.


At delivery the complexion of the baby was noted down and compared with the parents’ complexion. In the 5 years period of study between 2010 to 2015, 1200 patients were studied and 1169 patients gave birth to fair babis. It should be noted here that all the 1200 couples were either dark or wheat complexioned. Thus the success rate of out treatment protocol to get a fair baby was 97%. The babies born were totally normal and thus the protocol was proven to be safe and devoid of any side effects.


The Ayurvedic herbal treatment protocol employed above is an extremely safe. Easy and successful method based on naturopathy to get a baby with fair complexion.


1Pitta Prakruti: The “Tej Dhatu “that is the vital element for development of “Aap” (Atomic water) if Bhrajak Pitta dominates then the complexion will be Fair, Smart and Lusty.
 Shushrut Shsrir sthanam – 2/35
2Agni Mahabhoota : The dominance of Agni Mahabhoota in intrauterine life may effect the beauty, the hairs, the eyes, the digestion and brightness of face with personality factors like anger, bravery and patriotism.
 Bhav Prakash Purvakhanda – 113
3Madhur Rasa: The predominance of Madhur Rasa in diet and drug is helpful for longetivity, retinal development thereby sharp vision, hair growth and definitive role of skin development.
 Bhav Prakash Purvakhanda (Mishra Prakaran) – 187
4Ras Dhatu: The effect of manifestation of drugs and diet on Ras Dhatu will definitely help to improve the body metabolism, the development of skin, the vitality, the look and the aura of face.
 Bhav Prakash Purvakhanda – 356
5Time of skin development: In the sixth month of intrauterine life the skin, the hair, the colour of iris of eye ball and ectoderm development occurs. Balvarna Upachaya manifestation
 Charak Sharir Sthanam – 4/22
Ashtanga Sangraha Sharir Sthanam ( Vagbhatt ) – 2/33
6The Diet : As the diet in pregnancy changes, the complexion of changes is called “ Aahar Varna Dosh “
 Shushrut Sharir Sthanam – 2/34
7Rasayan Guna: In pregnancy the dietary precaution, cloths, dressing, cold environment, body metabolism and naturally the genes of both parents affects the skin development.
 Vruddha Vaghbhatt and Garbhopanishad