Our Mission

our mission

Smooth skin, fair skin, youthful looking skin, all point towards Good Looks. Although it has been taught to all of us that inner beauty is far more important than external looks; examples of how external beauty overtakes virtues and values in our society are far too many.

Be it a selection for a bride or a party, looks always precede values in today’s generations. Our aim is not to accept this thought process, but to help enhance the natural beauty through Ayurvedic ancient methods. Presentation of one self is very important in this generation. It is important to take such changes in stride and adapt to them rather than criticize our fate. 

India is a land renowned for its knowledge of natural treatments for the body and the soul. Could there be a way to look better and be assured of no side effects than using these theories developed by our ancient Rishi Munis combined with modernized technology.

Realizing how important the fairness is rated in our country, would it not be a blessing to find a cure to this mentality? NATURAL BRITE, is an endeavour by a panel of researchers to incorporate and assimilate the knowledge of Ayurveda & Bach flower remedy, and to offer a readymade solution to the social problem of Fair Children. First impression is the last impression, whether you like this or not, it is the truth that you have to face. Looks are definitely not everything, we never say this, but looks definitely gives a person a HEAD START! Let us see how COMPLEXION plays the most important part.

‘tall, Dark and Handsome’ & ‘that dusky lady’ were phrases used in Mills and Boons referring to the tanned appeal of the extremely glowless, freckled, lack luster fairness of the ‘GORA’ community. Whether we accept it or not, In India and in a lot of countries, it is FAIR, FAIR, and always FAIR. When a child is born, the first question asked is, Is the baby fair? When the groom gets an inquiry regarding the girl, the presents ask, IS SHE FAIR? If we see the matrimonial columns of the Indian, newspapers, the most frequently used word is FAIR rather than pretty, pleasant, smart, intelligent, well placed, cultured or good natured. Why so, once again, let us face it, let’s not fight the time tested truth that is here to stay till we stay – FAIR IS ACCEPTABLE, rest is compromise. Millions are spent by people for ‘fairness treatment’ or so called ‘fairness products’ by national and international companies. Results? God only knows!! Looking at all the above, would not be able to work on PREVENTION is BETTER THAN CURE.

If have a modality, whereas we can do something in pregnancy to see that the child is born with a fair complexion and thus with a HEAD START, would not that be the most perfect solution? Definitely yes, ladies and Gentlemen, NATURAL BRITE is an endeavor by a panel of researchers, to incorporate and assimilate the knowledge of the naturopathy, ayurveda, and bach flower remedy to give you a READY MADE SOLUTION to the social problem of cosmecity – A FAIR CHILD! We should make it very clear, that is not to anyway project that FAIR is better than DARK, but to cater to the need the society has already since time memorial created in the sub conscious of human civilization. It is our organization’s privilege to give naturally something that the society needs rather than being exploited at the hands of Persons or Products which promise to make a Dark persons or Products which promise to make a Dark person Fair even if the marginal results are temporary.