1. IF fairness depends on the complexion of parents, how can natural brite be effective ?

According to Ayurveda, The tone of the skin depends on four factors. First is the tone of the father’s skin, Second is the tone of the mother’s skin, Third is the geographical demography of the couple . The fourth factor is where we come in. This involves the factor of genetic expression which, according to Ayurveda can be modified by the Herbal medicines, specific use of diet and nutrients given in mid pregnancy, at the time of dermatogenesis. The full explanation of how Ayurveda and Bach flower remedy act, is fully explained

2. What specialties of medicine are involved in the kit NATURAL BRITE ?

Our kit involves two branches of Alternative therapy, first is AYURVEDA and the second is BACH FLOWER REMEDY

3. At what stage of pregnancy , should this kit be taken and for how long ?

The kit has to be taken for one month , starting at the onset of 6 th month of pregnancy after 3D/4D Anomaly scan.

4. What does this kit consists of ?

The kit NATURAL BRITE consists of following—It has booklets in two languages which explain the whole treatment in details like the concept, ethics, panel doctors, principle and mechanism of action, instructions about the supplements provided and general instructions.. It contains three supplements to be taken, SHUBHANGAKALP GRANULES, SUPRABHAVATI TABLETS and APPLE GLOW PILLS.

5. Are there any side effects of the supplements that are in the kit ?

There are absolutely no side effects of any of the Three supplements on the mother or the child ; as they are Authenticated Ayurvedic Herbs.

6. One always thinks of presence of heavy metals when it comes to Ayurveda, so can you elaborate on that ?

The above supplements have no heavy metals as they are derived from KASHTHA AUSHADHI.

7. How many patients have taken this kit till now ?

 now over 1100 patients have taken the kit and have had excellent results.

8. What is the exact mechanism and principle behind this kit ?

As the answer needs to be elaborate, please refer to our website www.naturalbrite.in for a detailed description of the mechanism of action of AYURVEDA and BACH FLOWER REMEDY as to how does it affect the complexion and skin tone of the unborn child

9. Are there any references to prove this theory with relevance to Charaksamhita and Vaghbhatta ?

Yes, absolutely, we have cited all the references of CHARAKSAMHITA,SUSHRUTSAMHITA and VAGHBHATTA on our website.

10. Has this kit been supported by practicing gynecologists and are they using it for their pregnant patients ?

The kit has been very warmly received by not only patients but also the gynecologists and are actively counseling their pregnant patients to take this one month therapy. GOLDEN TIP – It is better to take Natural Brite for one month than to apply fairness cream for life time…..

11. Would this treatment cause any kind of skin problems in the child late on in life ?

NOT AT ALL.. On the contrary the kit promotes a glowing and healthy skin and it has an ant ageing factor

12. If the kit is used by an adult, would it be beneficial ?

NO, it will not be effective if an adult takes it, because the whole theory is based on the consumption in pregnancy as the supplements are effective at the time of DERMATOGENESIS in the 6 th month of pregnancy

13. In comparison to the fairness creams, where does NATURAL BRITE stand ?

Let us first discuss some lesser known facts about the ‘fairness creams’ available today.. They are the most dangerous breed available in the cosmetic m market today. Fairness creams can cause extreme photosensitivity, itching, rashes, redness, blisters, acnes, thinning and sagging resulting in early ageing and actually cause pigmentation which is exactly contrary to what the cream was used in the first place!! Some creams contain Mercury, Hydroquinone, steroids , clobestal. These may lead to skin cancer. Patients have been reported to have hypertension elevated blood sugar levels too.. Now what is better , to use a month long kit having harmless ayurvedic supplements OR taking these dangerous creams ?

14. Is the kit licensed with the necessary authority ?

The kit is registered with the necessary authorities and all licenses are in order