offering the product... in tune with nature...

Natural Brite is a kit offering oral supplements and diet instructions for
PREGNANT MOTHERS, to be taken for one month during mid-pregnancy, to enhance the skin tone and fairness of the newborn.

offering the product... in tune with nature...

Natural Brite is a kit offering oral supplements and diet instructions for
PREGNANT MOTHERS, to be taken for one month during mid-pregnancy, to enhance the skin tone and fairness of the newborn.

Dr. Ashwini Snehal Kale (Ayurvedacharya)

Ashwini is the Scholar of Prasuti Tantra. She has done her BAMS from ...University & had advanced training at R A Podar Ayurvedic Institute, Mumbai. She is practicing at Ahmedabad since 1998 as Director to Shri Ansuya Ayurvedic Panchkarma Chikitsalaya. She has introduced the unique concept for the first time in Gujarat “Fair Baby Therapy ” during Antenatal Care. Her area of interest is “Gaurvarna Chikitsa” and Garbh Sanskar Therapy for “Smart Baby”. She has treated more than 5000 patients having various problems like arthritis, diabetes, obesity, piles, acidity, backache, hair fall, pimples etc. She also visits Baroda & Mumbai for offering her expertise beyond boundaries of Ahmedabad. She offers honorary services to Lal Gebi Ashram Hathijan & Santhigiri Chikitsalaya.

Our Mission

Smooth skin, fair skin, youthful looking skin, all point towards Good Looks. Although it has been taught to all of us that inner beauty is far more important than external looks; examples of how external beauty overtakes virtues and values in our society are far too many. Be it a selection for a bride or a party, looks always precede values in today's generations. Our aim is not to accept this thought process, but to help enhance the natural beauty through Ayurvedic ancient methods. Presentation of one self is very important in this generation. It is important to take such changes in stride and adapt to them rather than criticize our fate. India is a land renowned for its knowledge of natural treatments for the body and the soul. Could there be a way to look better and be assured of no side effects than using these theories developed by our ancient Rishi Munis combined with modernized technology. . .

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kit contains

Primarily the kit contains HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS AND LITERATURE. LITERATURE IS ENGLISH AND GUJARATI BOOKLET. Booklet contains all detailed information about the panel doctor, the social ethics of this protocol, principles and mechanism of action of "Ayurveda and Bach flower therapy", the dosage and instructions of the supplements to be taken.

Herbal Medications

1. Shubangakalp Granules

2. Suprabhavati Tablets

3. Apple Glow Pills

How it works -> "Principles of Ayurved Therapy"

Since the drug is Ayurvedic we have to understand the action of medicine by ayurvedic method only. They say there are three prakuti (Vat, Pitta, Kapha) sapta dhatu (Ras, Rakta, Mouns, Med, Asthi, majja, Shukra) and panch maha bhuta that is five vital elements according to Indian philosophy of material world that is (Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu, Aakash) which correspond to pancha vishya that is shabda, sparsha, roop, ras, gandha. (five special senses) There are six rasas Madhur, Amla, Lavarna, Katu, Tikta, Kashaya that means all dietary elements and drugs have these rasas which are necessary for healthy metabolism of human body.

1 3 -Prakruties
(phenotype & genotype characteristics by Ayurveda)
Vata,Pitta,Kafa Pitta
2 5-Panch Mahabhoota
(Basic Vital elements of nature representing functions of human body by Ayurveda)
3 6 -Aahar Rasa
(Basic dietary supplements by Ayurveda)
Madhur Rasa
4 7-Sapta Dhatu
(Basic Vital elements of human body by Ayurveda)
Rasa Dhatu
1. Pitta theory:- There is a specific type of pitta called Bhrajak Pitta which is responsible for beauty and lusture of skin. Few contents of our medicine increase the level of Bhrajak Pitta
2. Dhatu theory:- According to Charak Chikitsa Sthanam – 18 few drugs have rasayan guna are responsible for glow of face Bhav Prakash Purva Khand – 356 The development of body of Intrauterine foetus is affected by ras dhatu now the few contents of our medicine increase Ras dhatu.
3. Agni Mahabhut theory:- The dominance of Agni Mahabhut out of panch maha bhut may affect the beauty of skin and face, the hairs and the eyes too-Bhavprakash Purv Khand – 113.
4. Ras theory:- Aahar ras (Diet) Dietary Precaution in pregnancy changes complexion of skin definitely by “Aahar Varna Dosha” concept by Sushrut Sharisthan- 2/34.
5. Combined theory:- Maternal and Paternal Genes play role in formation of skin complexion and colour of foetus with other factors like dietary precautions, Cloths and Dressing, Cold environment, Metabolism-varudha Vagbhatt

How it works -> "Principle of Bach Flower Therapy”

Dr. Edward Bach used herbs that contain healing powers, using the essences in which all the essential energies of the plants get concentrated. There is an esoteric relationship between man & flower, which symbolizes beauty and development of human faculties. Thus bach flower remedies from a part of alternative medicine by using dilutions of flower essences 'Crab apple' also called generically as 'Malus sylvesstris' which is a part of our protocol is prepared by boiling a cluster of flowers and leaves of the above plant. The mechanism of action this, It acts as a cleansing agent for the skin and purification of body. So, It responds with efforts to purity and brings about a beauty. Thus when given in the pregnancy for a month in the 5th or 6th month brings about a flawless complexion of the developing baby.

Launch of 'NATURAL BRITE ' kit


1. Launch of 'NATURAL BRITE ' kit

Please listen what our guru says about our product

2. Views of Vd. Jagdish Vaidya on 'NATURAL BRITE ' Kit

Jagdish Vaidya has closely worked with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He serverd as Director of prestigious Ayurvedic Hospital in India for 30 years. He is presently working in USA for more than 10 years in America's leading & premier HOLISTIC Health Care facilities including The Raj & Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center.


This is study of 1200 pregnant patients who underwent a combinational therapy of Ayurveda and bach flower therapy as well as a naturopathy diet in the 6th month of pregnancy for getting a fair baby. The study was conducted in 2 hospitals over a period of 5 years and out of the 1200 patients 1169 delivered babies of fair complexion thus giving a result of 97 %.

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IF fairness depends on the complexion of parents, how can natural brite be effective ? ANSWER -- According to Ayurveda, The tone of the skin depends on four factors. First is the tone of the father’s skin, Second is the tone of the mother’s skin, Third is the geographical demography of the couple...

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